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Sunset Buddha Statue

“Before giving, the mind of the giver is joyful. While giving the mind of the giver is made peaceful. After having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted.”
The Buddha

Support Tara Mulay

Tara follows the tradition of offering Insight Meditation teachings without a fixed cost to those who are interested practitioners. Your voluntary contribution allows her to continue teaching Dharma and guiding people in their practice. She expresses heartfelt gratitude to all those who offer support.



Venmo @tara-mulay

You can also give teacher dana to Tara through Insight Western Massachusetts.

“This is the entire spiritual life… good friendship, good companionship, good comradeship. When a [practitioner] has a good friend, a good companion, a good comrade, it is to be expected that [they] will develop and cultivate the Noble Eightfold Path.”
The Buddha


Many people at some point feel a need to connect with a teacher individually for guidance about their meditation and daily life practice. This can be an important step for a practitioner. Individual meetings with a teacher can provide support in understanding how insight arises over time, in developing necessary qualities, and in cultivating the capacity to navigate challenges.

I provide individual guidance when dharma practitioners reach out to me with a request and the request indicates that my experience could be of benefit.  If there is a good fit, we could meet one time or for short or long periods of time, monthly, or whenever there is a felt need for support. Meetings are usually either 30 or 55 minutes long. If you are interested in meeting with me for practice mentoring, please contact me and let me know a little bit about why you are connecting. I will then pass on information about dana (the system of mutual generosity) and scheduling before an appointment is made.


"Let all-embracing thoughts for all beings be yours."
the Buddha

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Feel free to connect to ask a question, learn more about mentorship, or for support on your journey.

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